July & August 2017

           Horse tread mill demonstration being done by
             ole' Tom at O'hara Mill Heritage Day 2017

What a great day back at O'hara Mill Heritage Day on July 23rd. The weather was fine, cool and sunny for the most part. Lots of people came to enjoy the O'hara Homestead and to see the Mill in operation. Sir John A. McDonald and his wife made an appearance as well to wish one and all a Happy 150th to Canada!

O'Hara Mill is hosting a Draft Horse Day on August the 6th where there    will be demonstrations throughout the day of horse drawn farm equipment from the 1800's and up. Great place to spend the day! O'hara Mill is run by dedicated volunteers and they do a fabulous job of up keep and hosting special events throughout the year. Check out their website at: www.ohara-mill.org

Whether you are from the area or passing through, August the 23rd & 24th it's time again for the Hastings County Plowing Match and Farm Show. A great place to spend a day or maybe two to see it all. Something for everyone. Link to there website for more information www.hastingsfarmshow.ca

Ended up in the Village of Warkworth  a couple of weeks ago on a Tuesday afternoon and found a great group of stores to visit in the area. Stop by the Village Pantry or The General to find something for yourself or a special gift, or maybe the Cheeky Bee. Good places to eat, antique hunt or stop by Glovers Market. Had a Kawartha Dairy ice cream cone at the Bakery, YUM!

Heard that the Tall Ships were docked in Bath Ontario in honour of Canada's 150th a few weeks back. They have been making their rounds to different ports this summer so we took a drive down to have a look. Magnificent! One of the Grandkids and our Daughter went for a 2 hour cruise on the largest of the ships with replica crew and sailing songs to boot! They loved it.

The rainy weather continues as does the effort of trying to hay in such conditions. Not much the farmers can do about it - it's just the way it is. Hard to believe that August is here and a lot of folks still don't have hay off or if they do it isn't the quality they would have liked.  Doesn't seem to matter if you check TV, radio, computer or phones they all report something different than the other. Very hard to gauge if you should cut or not.

A pretty shot of the pasture field much greener than it was in the drought of last year.


Ended June's blog with a "Tail End" shot of a group of beef cows - so figured the horses should have equal billing for the July/August Blog.

                                                                  Until next time,

                                                                   Jeanne & Kim