HAPPY  " BELATED"  NEW YEARS 2013 !!!

I have been remiss in my BLOGGING activities for almost 6 months! My New Years Resolution is to write at least monthly in 2013 and let you know what we have been up to. If you don't care then return to google, if your interested then stay tuned.

I will do a wee over view of the last 6 months just to get things back on track:

Ferman, Kim and Students
July 2012 we were able to go to Horse Progress Days in Clare Michigan.  Kim once again assisted Ferman Wengard in teaching a group of people how to drive draft horses. A hands on seminar that has become very popular at the event. For more info contact the Horse Progress Days. If you've never been its a must for anyone who likes to work with their big horses.

Also in July 2012  we attended the Ohara Mills Heritage Day with horses Pete and Jake.  They were a crowd pleaser and did a good job of demonstrating how the ploughing `` use to be done `` in the Mills kitchen garden. They then did a demo on the STUMP PULLER.  We didn`t know ourselves if they would be up to the task but they did us proud.

Pete and Jake Ploughing


Pete and Jake with a stump puller.

The hot dry summer of 2012 mayed its way into the month of August which found us at the Hastings County Plowing Match and Farm Show. The show and match were a success with about 14 ploughers from around Ontario in attendance.

Kim Hadwen Century 21 Real Estate diplay at Hastings County Plowing Match 2012

A view of plow fields, both tracrtor and horse at the 2012 Hastings Match

September 2012 brought our new equine friends Tony and Fred to the farm to live. A team of 17 year old, 17 hands tall, half brothers, Belgian cross MULES! They are proving to be delightful if not a wee bit stubborn at times.

Viewing picture Fred on the left (Kim in the middle) and Tony on the right!

September 2012 also saw us at the International Plowing Match near Ayre, Ont. We had a great time with friends and fellow competitors and our 10 year old grandson plowed at this level for the first time and was reserve champion in his class. We were all very proud of him.

Our ten year old grandson driving 22 year old Belgians Tom and Jerry at the Internationa Plowing Match 2012

October 2012 had Tony and Fred ( the mules ) participating in their first ever ploughing competitions in Peterborough and Northumberlain Counties where the did a great job. They got the 2nd prize for best going team at Peterborough.

December 2012 saw us rounding out the year participating in 8 Santa Claus Parades. This year we attended Belleville, Frankford, Madoc, Trenton, Tweed, Napanee, Picton, and Stirling. Good ole` Pete and Jake get the nod for most of the parades with the exception this year of Frankford which Tony and Fred ( the mules) had their debut.

Pete and Jake patiently waiting to start the Belleville Santa Claus Parade 2012

Well thats the last 6 months of our lives in short draft. Will add more in the future and will try to do it  more frequently as of my resolution terms.  As I write this it is frrreeeeeezzing out. Stay warm, but remember its Canada eh!!

                                                                        Till next time.

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