MAY ! The grass always looks greener.....................

       It is technically still May (25th) so I thought I'd better hurry and get the BLOG done.                  

                          May always seems like and extraordinarily busy month to me.

The farm animals are all clamouring to GET OUTSIDE AND STAY OUTSIDE after a winter of cold, snow and rain where they go in and out. So that means fences need mending. We always realize this after 1 or 2 escapes! (YOU KNOW THE GRASS ALWAYS LOOKS GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FENCE!) Water troughs must be fixed if necessary - then filled. If we haven't hauled all of winters manure then that goes on the list too.

Fields need cultivated then planted. This should seem easy now-a-days after tending 800 acres for close to 30 years. We now do a mere 90, but alas there never seems to be enough time.

Once the crop goes in we focus on the vegetable garden. This is our main food source along with the beef, pork, chicken and eggs that we raise and keeps us fed for the coming 4 seasons, so we best get it right and we pray Mother Nature is on our side for all of the above.

Tom & Jerry cultivating new ground.
We have been working up a new section this spring for our sweet corn, squash and potatoes. Tom and Jerry at 23 years of age, like to get out for an hours work then head back to their pasture. Other than some light competitive plowing with our soon to be 11 year old grandson, these two wonderful ole' fellows are pretty well retired.

Almost done.
Done & ready for home!

So between secretarial duties, grass cutting, flower planting, garden tending, laundry & kitchen duties (ME) and Real Estate, farm chores and crop work (KIM) we will soon see the renewed earth of spring turn to the growing month of June, where a whole NEW set of farm and garden related subjects takes hold!

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM   Smell the sweet smell of HAY!

and the delicious taste of STRAWBERRIES!

                                                                           Till next time,

                                                                            Kim and Jeanne

Original ole` buggy shed on property


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