SPRING 2014.......WHERE....ARE....YOU....?

If you happened to have been snoozing two Tuesdays ago, you will be forgiven for not seeing Spring when it arrived & left all in a 24 hr period!

              SPRING 2014...

The winter of 2013/2014 will go down in the history books as one of the coldest and for us in the Quinte Region, one of the snowiest we have seen in the 30 years we have been here. It's not that the winter has not been enjoyable because if you are an outdoor enthusiast, then it has. Many a day I have snowshoed across the fields and the grandkids have skated dozens of times on the canal. If you are a downhill or cross country skier then you have been in your glory, if you are a snowmobiler than it doesn't get much better than what we have had.

The snow on the fields is a farmers delight as it insulates the ground and keeps precious crops comfy. Even all the ice has a snow cushion under it so it shouldn't have harmed  any fall wheat or hay ground. The melt so far has been wonderful. No fast melting to cause flooding, we hope for those that live close to water ways that it continues a slow melt.

Syrup on the other hand is not getting a boost from Mother Nature. The nights are VERY cold and the days not really warm enough to get the sap moving. It will come, just hope it's not a short run.

A smelly tale to tell, in regards to the Tuesday that was Spring 2 weeks ago. It started about 10 p. m. that warm evening when our dogs began a bark that indicates they have something wonderful in their sights. I imagined it to be a raccoon or a cat up a tree so didn't pay to much attention. When I went to give them there good night treat my nostrils were assaulted by the horrid stench of SKUNK!!!  The lovely warm day and beautiful evening had brought one of the black & white beasts out of hibernation. Now we have dealt with skunk sprayed dogs before but what we had not dealt with was the critter had made his way up to the house and through a small hole
 ( that the garden & sump pump hose fit through ) that hadn't had the bale of straw placed over it in the fall and ended up in our BASEMENT!!!  ( we will leave the matter of the unplaced bale, it's a HE said SHE said kinda deal ) Well one indoor spray and 4 nights of sleeplessness between 2 & 5 a.m. had us scrambling for an answer on removal.  Kim was sure the skunk would just leave by the means that he got in  if the dogs weren't out to prevent his escape. Night after night he or she would walk the tops of the air ducts banging and clanging looking for either food, water, or exit. We did our research and came up with a great plan to capture and release and hopefully not get sprayed or fill the house with spray. The 5th night we had everything ready for the "event" and it all fell into an anti-climax as " Peppy La-phew"  left on his/her own! All was quiet on the 6th night and we were able to catch up on some much needed sleep.

P S.  The house and dogs are smelling much better!

Hoping April blog can be about Showers bringing May Flowers.

Until next time,

Jeanne & Kim

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