July 2015

                         WHOA !  HANG ON NOW !

  Don't give up on me, it's technically still July even if it is the last day,  so this blog can still be dated July!  Every new year I declare a blog a Month and strive to fulfill  that and by golly just like a school project due on a Monday that you had a month to do  and would get done on the Sunday night - I am here!

Been a busy month July has, from Real Estate, to haying, to having grandkids, to the veggie garden, to farm chores, to yard care, to social engagements and all the regular stuff inbetween like meals, laundry etc...  The garden took a while to get going but alas has take off.  First run beans are in the freezer and a few pickled along with some cucumbers. Will cook down some beets today for winter.

The peas both snow and pod have flourished up until now. The recent heat wave has taken it's toll and the rest will go to the pigs and chickens for a foliage treat for them.

 Every year I think I have planned the best garden and somehow I find there is always room for improvement.  I tried planting clover at the base of the tomato plants for a green carpet to hold moisture, keep pests down, keep tilling and weeds down and use as a green manure at plow down time. The jury is still out, I will report at the end of the growing season.

  I continue to absolutely love the raised beds we put in a few years ago!  It is wonderful to pick peas, beans, carrots, beets, cherry tomatoes, garlic, strawberries, etc... at waist height. NO BENDING!  I know the up and down is a good workout but when you have knees that milked cows for 30 years you know why the uprights are so nice.  

Dolly & Loretta the Tennessee Mules made their debut at O'hara Mill Heritage Day on July 26th back in Madoc. This is our 5th plowing demo back there but the mules first.       The girls did a fine job!

    Lots of folks took in the day. If you have never been it is so worth putting on your list for next July. They also have more activities coming up as the year continues.

Dave Little (volunteer) 
The Town Crier announced events

On the left is Dave Little, one of the many volunteers that make this wonderful glimpse into pioneer ways come to life. Check out O'hara Mill Homestead at:

As summer marches on the Plowing Matchs begin. First up is the Hasting County Plowing Match and Farm Show on August 19th and 20th. This year it is being held at the far east end of the county at the farm of  Wayne and Brian Chadwicks just north of the 401. See  for map and details.

The next blog is always forming in my mind throughout the month so I will hope to get Augusts up just after the plowing match.

Until next time,

Jeanne & Kim


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