September 2015

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Here  we are - the last day of  September @ 11:30 a.m. and I am rushing to get the blog up truly at the 11th hour!  Always a busy month with area plowing matches and the biggy - the International Plowing Match  ( IPM ). This year held in the town of Finch, Ontario. 

 To the left is Kim plowing with Molly Mules - Dolly and Loretta from Tennessee and right is our grandson taking Tom & Jerry to the plow field.
 Kim had a great week. Was 2nd twice, 5th and over all finished 3rd. Our grandson had two 2nd place finishes and was 5th over all in his class.  There was about 22 horse plowers in total on the grounds, about 12 in the sulky (riding) plow class divided into 2 groups and about 10 in the walking plow class divided into 2 groups.

Great Eastern Hospitality was enjoyed by all. The organizers of the horse division had great facilities for our horses & mules. THANK YOU!

Will leave you with 2 photos of the rising sun. Early morning on the last day of match!

Until next time,

Jeanne & Kim

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