November - 2015

NOVEMBER'S BLOG IS SHORT !  With  "MY" computer on it's last legs it was determined to replace it the other morning when all  it would do was let you turn it on and 8 seconds later would "CLICK" itself off. After repeat performances of this feat we " PULLED THE PLUG." So am writing on Kim's computer and have no access to photo's. So when the  new one gets here I will update this blog spot.

It is kind of odd though that only a mere 4 years ago I was completely computer illiterate and proud of it and here I am lamenting about not having it to work on.

The line about not being able to teach an ole' dog new tricks isn't always true I guess, although certainly not speedy by any means I have learned to maneuver around the computer, at least to this blog and to assist Kim with the real estate.

Until December,

Jeanne & Kim

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