March 2016

     I have kinda waited to the last minute this month to get my blog entry done as the days have been very busy! We started off with some very promising warm days and then winter let us know that it wasn't quite done with us yet as the temperatures dipped back down and the flurries and ice came back!

Alas it is the CHANGING month of March and SPRING will eventually get here. We still have only 2 early calves that were born in the barn in the warmth and there are 6 more to go but not due until the end of April or into May.

On a recent walk with the grandkids we surprised a group of  5 deer scavenging for some early spring grass shoots and none of us could get our cameras out fast enough to take a photo before 5 white tails went leaping over the fence. We didn't get the photo but it's a great memory of adventure!

The real estate has been VERY busy with many folks moving to the area from other parts of the country to find a farm or rural property in the lovely Quinte Area or anywhere in Hastings and surrounding Counties. Also as one farmer may retire it is great to see a neighbour purchase the land and keep it in agriculture. We meet so many nice folks in this business and it's a true pleasure to help them with selling or buying.

                         We wish everyone a HAPPY EASTER!                                                     

             May you enjoy the weekend with family and friends. 

Until next time, 

May the days warm up enough the we can
 go out and maybe fly a kite!

Jeanne & Kim

Ironically the above picture of the kite flyer was taken about 4 - 5 years ago and as we found a gorgeous day on Easter Sunday we actually were able to " GO FLY A KITE "  and below is the same kite flyer that many years later.

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