May 2016

              THE DOG DAYS OF ... MAY (?)

My canine friend having a "COOL DOWN"
Wow! It is May 28th as I enter this Blog entry and  Spring isn't over until June 21st yet it feels like summer already! Not complaining mind you, it's just that the farmer in me will always lament about to much heat - without the rain. Crops have all been planted in field and garden and await a "gentle" rain to germinate seeds. I'm sure it will come in time.   
             AND NOW THERE ARE ... SIX !

Mama watching over her hours old baby

We had the first 2 calves back in February (bulls) and it seems like an awful long time till the next arrivals but they're here! 4 calves born in 3 days! Three more bulls and a heifer. There are two more mom's to deliver - should be soon! 

Empty Nest
One Egg

 If you look real close at the picture on the left you will see that a robin has made her nest under the table of this bench. At first I thought one of the grandkids had put an old nest that they had found there but when it wouldn't budge I realized it was a new build.  Over the next 4 days we were 

Two Eggs
Three Eggs

amazed to see a new development every day.  From one egg,  to two eggs then  three eggs,  then four!  It's in an area that we have to go by once a day so we are hoping that she won't feel to disturbed and will continue to "sit" her nest. I will have a  follow up for the June blog.

Four Eggs

Fingers crossed - I will have baby bird pictures. 

 Rest assured  NO  picture is worth disturbing her and her family.

 Another funny thing that happened this Spring was on a walk I had one day with one of the dogs.  She started to bark and run ahead of me and I saw something moving in the fence row. It appeared to be the biggest darn squirrel that I had ever seen!     

 As man's best friend got closer to the critter in question it bounded up this tree - almost to the top! What I couldn't believe was - what it was - that had scurried up that tree so quick!     In all our rural living days I had never seen a "Ground Hog" climb a tree. 

 Sit on a fence post, yes, but not climb a tree. It has become a funny question to ask other farmer's and rural folks if they think a ground hog would climb a tree and most say "No" - then I show them my picture - see below!   

Biggest darn Squirrel I've ever seen!
Well that's all for the May Blog - probably won't do June entry until after Father's Day
so all you Dad's and Father Figures - HAVE A GOOD ONE!

Until next time,

Jeanne & Kim

P.S. Real Estate has been very strong April through May on rural and farm properties. For a peek at Kim's current listings or to check out our FOLLOW THE FARM blog on Kim's Century 21 site link to: 


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