SEPTEMBER GO !!!

Durham Plowing Match

Here we are, on the last day of the Month scrambling to have an authentic September Blog. Been a busy month here at the farm with Real Estate, general farming, animal care, fencing, laneway repairs, moving cattle from pasture to pasture, some late season haying (to help get enough for winter feeding due to the drought) farrier for horses and of course the odd plowing match to attend.

Wolfe Island Plowing Match & the Wind Turbines
We did get down to the International Match in Harriston Ontario for 4 days of plowing. Great people, great food, great weather, great time. Kim was reserve champion for the week.

Kids everywhere have made the transition from summer fun back to the class room and everyone is back into the "swing of things" by now.

Apparently the winter forecast is for much snow. I know it's not nice to travel in but we will need a lot of snow cover and Fall rains to help get the water table back up where it should be.

Most every Fall we also look forward to the arrival of the baby chicks. Grandkids enjoy the fuzzy little balls of fluff. Will get a picture for October blog. 

Gorgeous "reverse" sunset in the "eastern" sky
As we enter October and approach Thanksgiving may we all take a moment to be "Thankful."  Even in the hardest of times there is usually something we can focus on for gratitude.

Until next time, 

Jeanne & Kim

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