Remembrance Day  -  November 11th


Not to much to report on the farm front. Corn harvest is done - what there was of it due to the drought. Fields have been plowed and disc-ed ready for livestock manure ( natures fertilizer ) to generate a good growth of next years chosen crop. 

Never did get a picture of chicks when they arrived and they now have their pin feathers and growing well. Cows and horses are in off tired pastures and up on higher ground before the snow comes. They are still enjoying warm days on the hill and evenings in their warm stable.

Dolly the mule with the long shadows of Autumn Days

Trees have been brilliant this season - some said they would not be because of the dry summer but they have been stunning. Will add a lovely picture in here when I manage to get it off my phone! Yay - I did it!

Until next time,

Jeanne & Kim

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