WOW here we are
                               with 2016 under our belt and a
                            brand new year  - 2017 to explore!

The time seems to fly by - the hours, days, months then years... sometimes we lament this but upon reflection maybe if we could live more in "the moment" it would slow down. If your like us and your schedule seems to be so full of work, commitments and family and you are always checking the calendar for "future" engagements it's no wonder that it's easy to watch time "fly by."

We are all sent trials to face and hopefully everyone receives some joy along the way as well. Here at the farm we don't really make New Years Resolutions but maybe we will remember to embrace the joy filled times a little more and continue to offer support to one another through the trials.


One of the first joy filled events of 2017 was Belgian filly foal - baby "RUBY."  Mama Oympia and daughter are doing well. Our daughter has been working with Ruby and she now leads well and loves the grandkids to come for a visit.

Ruby is pictured here at the right just a couple of weeks old. Will hopefully get a few more pictures of her in the next few weeks for February's blog.

The rains we have had the past couple of weeks all help to increase the water table, for which we are Thankful. Our friends near Barrie have been the recipients of MUCH snow and are tired of MOVING it. When you live ruraly or on a farm there is much more involved than just doing a driveway and sidewalk, especially if you have livestock as well.

 All the ice has not been a friend to many as well this season as we have heard of many slips and falls - me included.

We were able to hook the mules ( 4 abreast ) Dolly, Loretta, Patsy and Tammy on Christmas day for a sleigh ride and an afternoon of tobogganing. Was the one and only day we had enough snow for the activity. The grandkids were able to skate 3 days in a row on the lower fields when we got a cold snap and the ice harden smoothly. This doesn't always happen - if there is a breeze/wind as the temperatures drop then the ice is bumpy.

Will have to start looking in the next few weeks for my yearly clues for Valentines Day. ( there I go rushing life and looking ahead - see how easy it is to do! )

Any way HAPPY NEW YEAR to all and best wishes for a year of JOYFUL things to offset the trials.

Until next time,

Jeanne & Kim

P.S. The Real Estate market for rural properties / farms has stayed very strong throughout 2016 and seems set to do the same in 2017. For a complete listing of the current properties we have available at the moment please link to:

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