September 2017


A late afternoon / early evening walk with canine friends on September the 30th saw a strong sun casting long shadows on its westerly decent. The ups and downs of the thermometer during the last week or 2 has been quite spectacular.

Summer finally arrived mid month with a vengeance! Sultry days and evenings were quite welcome by the farming community ( if no one else ) as all the heat helps finish late spring planted crops like corn - mature.

Our thoughts and prayers though are with those in the US and the Islands that have suffered from the effects of destructive Hurricanes.

Our only fall out was a few hours without power after a rather severe rain storm where we read by candle or " book light."

Plowing at the IPM with Dolly & Loretta

A great stint at the IPM ( International Plowing Match and Rural Expo )  saw a great time had by all. A bit of slipping and sliding in Tented City as the rain fell on the Monday, Tuesday and part of Wednesday. Plowing was postponed and fell short by a day but by Wednesday afternoon we were underway.

By weeks end this group had had a great showing of a 4th place over all by Kim with his new team of mules, Tammy & Patsy and a Reserve Champion for our grandson with the other team of mules, Dolly & Loretta.

A wonderful young man, Conor Green won Grand Champion in Kim's class and a great character, Dan Gorrell won Grand Champion in the 2nd class.

               WELL DONE EVERYONE !!!

Only a couple of County Matches left now for the 2017

Watching Snow Birds from the Wolfe Island Fe

A great match to attend is the Wolfe Island Plowing Match.

This year we had the added bonus of a front row seat to watch the  Snow Birds perform over the Bay of Quinte from the Kingston Air Show while we crossed on the ferry.

While on the Island we had a great ice cream cone from this quaint cafe. Worth visiting if ever your over there.

Real Estate has stayed very strong going into the fall months. Current listings are available to view at

Thanks Giving is approaching and seems rather early this year. Wishing everyone a great holiday weekend and much to be thankful for. Here at the farm one of the things we are thankful for is the daily interaction with cows and equine!

                                                               Until next time,

                                                              Jeanne and Kim

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