February 2018

...and Valentines is on its way!

How do I know? It's not just by the calendar alone! It's also by the yearly clues that I find around the farm. ( See the archives at right for previous February's). This year was no exception. Now you may think some clues are a stretch, but I like to think they border more on "imagination." Some years the clues have been much clearer, but I was able to see the "heart" in all that follows:

The first two, I think are quite straight forward.

The one on the left was a precious find on the laneway while out on a walk.

On the right is a heart shape I turned back too - of melting butter in the cast iron pan when I turned away to grab the eggs.

Pretty amazing eh! 


                                        A bit of a sideways heart - but a heart all the same!

               A bit of cedar rail fungus transforms into a lacy heart shape on the coral fence!

                A heart shape in the snow after a January thaw brought on by a frosty morning!

Mother Olympia and "Lila"

Our hearts have also been captivated by two new additions on

the farm. We introduced you to "Cruze" in January's blog and

his new friend "Delilah" has arrived! A filly this time from her

Mother "Olympia" - all are doing well.

 Below are some pictures of Reign and stud foal

 Cruze on their first outing in the snow!

They are a joy to watch - they give ya that kick up your heels kinda feeling!

                     We have really only had one good sleigh ride even though it seems like there                                    
                     has been a lot of snow! After the first good accumulation the snow turned icy                              
 under foot in the fields and that makes it unsafe for the horses - so no rides!

Below is a picture of the ride we did have.

Has been great all around for snowshoeing though with the picks on the bottom. Took this picture below one day while out doing just that.

Real Estate, for those that are interested, is off to a good start for 2018. Anyone wishing to see our 

current listings can do so at:

May everyone have an enjoyable February and Happy Valentines Day! 

Have fun on Family Day on the 19th!

Until next time,

Jeanne & Kim

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