APRIL - 2018




     Have we maybe, finally, possibly, left winter behind!

Only time will really tell but if the temperatures of the last few days are any indication we can only hope. We didn't find the winter unbearable by any means but it was starting to drag on just a bit....
so we are glad of the SUNSHINE and warmth.

The Black Angus Ladies are also thankful for the lovely temperatures as of the writing of this blog 5 out of 9 have had their 2018 babies and all are doing well.


For the most part the Belgian Horses and the Mules are spending most days out on the hill and are anxiously waiting for the April Showers to turn their pastures green! We recently had a delivery to the farm of two "Rare Black Belgians." They are here on a trial bases to see if they will walk slow enough to be a plow team for the grandchildren. Will keep you posted in future blogs. See below Pepe' and Penny having a run on the hill top - checking out their new digs.

Enjoy the April Showers as they fall, warm the earth, green up the grass and fields and bring lovely May Flowers.

Until next time,

Jeanne & Kim

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