Near the end of the school year I had the opportunity to attend on of my grandsons track & field days. There where kids from many different schools in attendance & every level of ability.  As I sat and watched I witnessed those that the athletic ability came easy to and those that, well,  it didn't.  I saw all of the kids work hard!  With great determination these kids gave it their all.  As the runners 1st, 2nd, 3rd, crossed the finish line to loud accolades I saw others that had fallen behind, some out of breath, some in pain, some in tears, some just too tired to carry on.  BUT.....  the..... INSPIRATIONAL part is  THEY ALL DID FINISH!!!
     Whether they were a few feet behind the winners or almost a lap, they perservered and finished the race!

    The real cool part was that classmates on the sidelines cheered for the winners & even louder for those falling behind!  They bolstered one and all until everyone had crossed the finish line!

    The LESSON here for all of us & for life in general is that some things will always come easier for some and others will maybe have to work a little harder to achieve their dreams, but  never - ever - give - up  and if your lucky like these kids were here this day, then you will have a bunch of friends at the sidelines of life to cheer you on!!!

Until next time,

Jeanne & Kim

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