Well there it is!                                                                                                                 August escaped me and slipped into September                                                                               and when I wasn't looking October started gaining on our heels
                                                                  and here it is!


A great year for hay if you could find enough dry days in a row to bale!

       As I write and play catch up on what has been happening this summer around the farm I can't not mention the weather. Like it or loath it the days were fine for some and not hot enough for others. Late planted crops may never have the chance to mature do to lack of heat units. We will always be farmers and the weather will always be of concern to us and the crops we grow for our livestock and  vegetables for ourselves.

Class of 2014
Learning to drive
      Summer plans don't always materialise the way we plan but we did get out to a few things. Horse Progress Days were held in Mt. Hope, Ohio this year and we enjoyed a great time while there. A wonderful bunch of students took the driving course again this year (see photo) and one in particular was a young man 12 years old that hailed from Pennsylvania (see photo).  He and his family run an organic vegetable business and he wanted to incorporate draft power into the farm. He apparently started with a team of goats at home for a couple of years and taught himself the basics.  When he took the lines in hand at the course he already had a pretty good idea of what he was doing. He and all the other students picked up lots of tips from the instructors and we wish them all well and great success with their future horse endeavours.

Husband & Wife team from Texas where a delight to meet as well as all the other students. 

O'hara Mills Heritage Day rolled around again at the end of July and we once again took Pete & Jake to do a plowing and stone moving demonstration. A wonderful place for learning and if you haven't been we highly recommend attending any of the functions that take place throughout the year at this beautiful place.

On a rather sad note we were not to know that the demos that day would be Pete & Jake's last performances together. Sadly Pete passed away just a few days later in his 22nd year. He is very much missed by all of us at the farm and mostly by his long time team mate Jake.  Pete & Jake where Kim's team of choice for many plowing matches over the years as well as sleigh rides and 8 - 10 Santa Claus Parades every year not to mention their team contribution to the farm field work. They both have enormous hearts and may Pete be walking, trotting & galloping through the heavens.    We miss you buddy!

The friendships that these horses make with one another is awesome to behold and although we know Jake will never forget his friend 2 months later he has forged a plowing relationship with Ben. They did a great job at the Peterborough Match and despite the heavy sticky land they managed to pull off a first place finish on their first match together. Well done Jake, Ben & Kim!


  The vegetable garden is pretty well past its prime as I write. Still getting beans (green & yellow) and peas every other day or so for a meal. Carrots & beets hold their own until Thanksgiving as well as potatoes and then we'll store whats left for winter. Had to take a picture of the Peppers. We had never seen such BIG ones and so MANY ! I would pick up to 40 every week from just a few plants.

Our fruit trees are in their 3rd year of growth. The McIntosh did very well and we nic-named it the Century 21 tree as it had 21 apples on it. They have since been picked, eaten in hand and enough to make a pie!

From blossom to budding fruit to
the beautiful ready to eat apple below. Now if  I can just get the pear, peach and Empire apple tree to produce as well. Oh well, will try again next year. We were thankful for the ones we did get!


     We were at the 2014 International Plowing Match in Ivy, Ontario ( near Barrie ) in the middle of September where Kim and our Grandson placed 2nd & 4th over all in their respective divisions. A fun week with friends and acquaintances. A cold cold week in the early a.m. and late p.m.  A  GREAT  BIG THANK YOU to our Bed & Breakfast hosts ( dear long time friends ) who gave us a warm and comfortable place to rest our heads each night along with something warm to drink and late night snack!

Pictured is the easel board we take to all plowing matches promoting Kim's current listings.
He may go to the weekend matches but he's only a phone call away!

Will leave you with a few pictures taken at the farm over the last few days. So long for now and here's hoping for a long fall.

Till next time, Jeanne & Kim


          Diago the Milking Cow

Three of the 7 calves born this spring. 6 were bulls!

              Early morning sky.

    Foggy morning.

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