November 2014 - EARLY SNOW !


Mid November:  We awoke one morning mid November to a lovely view of still green grass covered with a sprinkling of the last golden leaves to fall from the ole’ Maple trees. The very next morning, just 24 hrs. later the scene was entirely different. The leaves were nowhere to be seen. Not blown away into surrounding  fields as I always hope for ( way less raking that way! ) but now just a distant memory as they lay beneath a 3-4”  blanket of snow! One night’s sleep had turned our yard into a winter wonderland!  While lamenting the early onset of winter ( a season I really do enjoy ) we are all reminded of the severe conditions just a very few hours to the south west of where we reside. The poor folks of Buffalo have been hit hard with snow amounts that are hard to believe.  Now with warmer temperatures in the forecast my leaves may surface again but worse is the inevitable melting that will take place in Buffalo. Our thoughts are with you and think safety first.

The farm has pretty well been winter proofed by this time. Horses have been moved to the higher, drier ground, water troughs drained and turned over, outdoor hoses drained and put away until April of next year, winter tires in place, farm machinery under cover, corn stove turned on to heat house. Unfortunately with the late planting season our corn like many hasn't dried down enough yet to combine. Worse is the soybeans, lower to the ground they can't take the snow cover like corn does. We don't grow any of them but have plenty of farming neighbours that do. Hopefully we will get a reprieve in the weather, enough to harvest.

Juno & Jag, Kim & I and Allan (former owner) in rear seat
We should take this Blog time to introduce a few new faces around Merryville Farm! We have gotten a new team of Belgian geldings named Juno & Jag and they are 11 years of age.  They hail from south/western Ontario and from the U.S. before that. After spending the last 4 years of  Ontario winters in Florida, Juno & Jag are reacquainting themselves with SNOW! I didn't have camera in hand that first day but lets just say they were literally JUMPING FOR JOY! They were chasing each other all around the field and kicking up their heels like a pair of young colts. They have done parades before and will do the honours this year at some of the local Santa Claus Parades. I have included a picture of the two handsome fellows in harness on the day we bought them.

 Kim has also decided to go back into the Belgian breeding business ( albeit in a smaller way ) by bringing 12 year old Stoney Lake Olympia ( Olivia - barn name) to live with us and 2 year old Stoney Lake Tender ( Poppy- barn name ) Olivia is bred to foal in the Spring of 2015. We also brought home handsome fellow Calvin as a future herd sire, he is 2 years old.

 Top left is Olivia, above is Poppy
and on the fly is Calvin! They have
all settled in very well and getting
along with everyone else.  The plan
 is for any future offspring to be
offered for sale at Carsons Futurity
sale in the Spring of the year, see( held in the Spring of the year with the actual Futurity competition in Halter Class, Cart Class and Driving Class that is held in October of the year.

See our ad in the up coming Christmas Belgian Banner at then click on Belgian Banner.

Well, baseballs, bats, gloves and soccer balls have been traded in around here for skates, helmets and hockey sticks. HOCKEY, HOCKEY, HOCKEY!  Along with grandkids games and some Belleville Bulls games Kim and son-in-law Joe are working on a home rink for winter fun, (spelled HOCKEY) If it works I'll post a picture in the December Blog.

May your shoveling be light but enough of the white stuff for outdoor winter fun!

Till next time,

Jeanne & Kim

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