February - HAPPY VALENTINES DAY - 2015

       For the last couple of years a Valentine phenomenon has been happening here at the farm!  
It has once again taken place.  As in previous years the HEART shaped clues started appearing just days before Valentines itself.  ( see archive Blogs: February 2014 & 2013 ) As I write this Blog entry on February 13th 2015 you will see that I have received 3 more reminders of the day!

In the past all the clues have been out of doors.  I think cupid took pity on me due to the cold temperatures this year and all the HEART shape reminders have been inside!

As I was preparing the dinner meal ( noon time on the farm ) I put my hand in the basket to get a few potatoes and couldn't believe my eyes at the wonderful HEART shaped potato that I pulled out.  WOW!

Next as I was cleaning up from the meal and preparing to do the dishes I noticed this sparkling HEART shaped water droplet on the edge of the sink.  WOW!

Last evening when I went to take down the dry clothes from the indoor clothes line I was met with 2 HEARTS clothes pinned to the line hanging amongst the laundry. WOW!

Whatever your reminders have been this year we wish you a Happy Valentines Day and a Happy Family Day as well. Bundle up and get outdoors if your able. Enjoy all that the winter has to offer!

Here is a picture of 2 of the grandkids enjoying a game of shinny on the ice in January on the frozen over low spot in the pasture field.

Until next time,

Jeanne & Kim



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