MARCH 2015




FEBRUARY  2015 !!!

The coldest February temperatures on record!!!   

If not for the snow cover insulating the ground and lots of sunny days it could have felt worse. As March slowly makes its self present with slowly rising temperatures its time to wish all Maple Syrup producers a good season. May the days be warm enough for a daily sap run and cold enough at night as not to end too soon!

The second Sunday of March saw our oldest grandsons hockey team come out for an enjoyable afternoon of tobogganing, snowboarding and horse drawn sleigh riding. A warm cup of hot chocolate and cookies afterwards made for an enjoyable day for young and older and older yet (Kim & I) The  picture below was taken by a very artistic young women Bronwen Parr, sister to one of the hockey players. I saw some amazing pictures of paintings she has done and some photo shots she has taken as well. The photo is looking up the hill over the backs of the sleigh team Jag, Jake, Fred and Juno as we watched the decent of the hill by the tobogganers.  Thanks Bronwen!

Jag, Jake, Fred & Juno patiently waiting for the sledders to descend the hill so they could take them back up for another go!

        As March Break approaches may you have a great time with your family, whether you have the week off and fly to somewhere warmer or find a lot of things to do in your own community. If you don't have the time off with the kids this week them remember to check out some of the activities in the evening and weekends throughout March.  For sure take in a tour of a local Sugar Bush and a pancake breakfast. Maybe skating at a local arena, as long as the snow stays head out to Batawa  or your local ski hill for skiing and snowboarding. The conservation areas are great places for a hike or cross country skiing and you can always build a snowman in your own backyard!

If the weather is inclement then take in the Aircraft museum in Trenton or a Young Peoples play in Stirling at the Stirling Theatre or maybe bowling in Belleville!  What ever you choose to do may your March Break be great!

Keep thinking Spring!!!

Until next time,

Jeanne & Kim


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