March - 2017

                          Lamb or Lion ?

        The first day of March started off in the lion category but by noon seemed more of a lamb - so not sure where that will leave us for the last day of March if the statement is true about entering like one and leaving as the other, time will tell!

        As we leave February behind it is with great fondness as we enjoyed some pretty spectacular warm temperatures in the waning days. It was incredulous to see the large flocks of Robins all scrounging under different berry bushes in the neighbourhood and 100 up -  Canadian Geese in the lower front field day after day. I said to one of the grandkids that I'll know it's Spring when I see my first Red Winged Black bird - just 24 hours later I did. Amazing, never before in February had I seen that!

So what does all that mean? Are we truly out of the woods and warmer weather coming? This first full weekend of March had us plunged back down into the deep freeze! Once again, just enjoy each day as it comes as we certainly have no control over the weather and it's kind of interesting to watch how things unfold.

While walking with my canine buddy in the last snows of February it was neat to see the cool tracks we left in our wake. If you didn't know a snowshoe-r went by you might think there was a Sasquatch in the area!

Don't know how this photo will show itself in the blog, you may have to enlarge it to see the sparkle that I saw. The wind had blown the snow into what looks like waves and with the sun shining brightly and the warmth of the day it was a spectacular outing.

The cows are venturing out of their warm run in area and spending more and more time up on the hill as the days are warming. They, like the horses and mules, will all be glad when the sweet grasses begin to green up.

 Seen here is one of the newer members of our mule family "Tammy" who wouldn't come too close but was wondering what a camera was. 

She and her hitch partner "Patsy" are getting along fine with  "Dolly and Loretta."  Yes - all 4 hail from Tennessee -  hence their Country singer names. Not too original but we like 'em.

We have another new addition that will be hanging out at the farm occasionally and that's our grandkids new puppy that they get when he is 8 weeks old - seen here at just 4 weeks of age. He's a real cutie.

I will leave a link here for anyone interested in our current farm, home and rural listings once there click on My Listings on top of page. The market is especially strong this spring and looks set to continue.

Until next time,   Jeanne & Kim

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