April 2017

There Goes the Easter Bunny..............................................

and the month of April as well. Both March and April have flown by....but sure is nice to have the longer and brighter days! 

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Weekend and lots of time to spend with friends and family. There was nice weather for the most part to enjoy outdoor activities.

Here at the farm we are once again awaiting the arrival of newborn calves. 8 Moms, each of which look as big as a house. Should start arriving soon and go into May before all are here. Will hopefully have pictures for the May Blog.

Manure spreading has started in earnest, cleaning out the barns and stored sh..! Feeding onto the fields to help whatever crop that will be planted to grow with natural fertilizer.

As cold as March was - April has been WET. 
 Not complaining at all. After last years drought all the moisture that is being sent back into the ground is a good thing. 
It does make for some pretty muddy days here at the farm.
 My new  - FANCY rubber boots are extra tall and so far able to handle the rain and farm atmosphere.


Some like to get muddier than others here on the 

 All the grandkids
like to ride 4 wheelers. 

The older ones like a 
"challenge" they tell me.

All fine and dandy if they 
did their own laundry!

Machines, clothes and 
people all needed a major
cleanup after this outing.


Still one of my favourite pictures.

As we handle all the rain remember the old adage:

           APRIL SHOWERS 


           MAY FLOWERS !

Until next time, 

                            Jeanne & Kim

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