May 2017

                 Wishing Mothers  -  Grandmothers
                             and Mother figures
                    a Very Happy Day on May 14th!

And here we are in the Month of May. The first 1/2 has been extremely wet and rather on the cold side. The planting of crops has been set back measurably and when things turn around the farmers will be trying to make up for lost time. May everyone be careful when tractors and equipment get into full swing. 

Here at the farm we have 6 calves born from 5 cows - yes a set of twins! We have 2 mom's still to go and one that is open so no calf for her this year. Calves are all well and enjoying chasing each other around on the hill.

The pastures have been somewhat under water for the past week or so - so the days the horses can get out on the hill are joy filled days. To the left is a picture of the foal "Ruby" that was born back in January enjoying a sunny day and a photo of the "Raging Moira River" that was zipping by at the "Mother of all Craft Shows" at the Corby Distillery last weekend. I think it was a great turn out despite the weather! Join them next year on May 6th 2018.

I'm sure that most folks have heard about the "hot" real estate market that has hit the area.

 For whatever the reason there are more buyers than sellers at the moment for both rural and in town properties. It has kept us very busy and introduced us to some very nice folks. I think that has to be one of the greatest things about the work - the nice people we get to work with.

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The bones of this wreath were made a few years ago by a lovely women that we met at the Horse Progress Days in the States. I add seasonal tid-bits as the months go by and as it says, may you have a "HAPPY SPRING."

May you enjoy Mothers Day and the Victoria long weekend when it gets here. 

May the winds be gentle and the sun shine to dry up the fields for crops. 

Until next time, 

Jeanne & Kim

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